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Rajasthan is known to be a land of temples, forts and palaces. The land is bestowed with rich culture and heritage that spreads all around. The religious places in Rajasthan are not only places of worship but also monuments of great artistic beauty. The different religious places in Rajasthan belong to different faiths which provide a perfect example of communal harmony. Many of these forts and palaces while look rugged and rough from their exteriors; the interiors take you to an altogether different world. Surprises are the second name of these architectural marvels spread throughout the land of Rajasthan. The culturally rich state of Rajasthan is popular for a range of things. The elephants, camels, bird sanctuaries, festivals and fairs, forts, luxury trains, folk dance/music, arts/crafts, and royalty.

The exquisitely carved temples and shrines of Rajasthan are the exponents of the architectural movement that took place in Rajasthan in 8th to 11th century. The architecture of these temples of Rajasthan included plastic ornamentations consisting of motifs of foliation and curvaceous feminine forms, thus reflecting affinity for aesthetics and nature. The Rajput, Mughal and other rulers who have exercised dominion over the state for centuries have left behind their rich cultural heritage that are reflected in the architectural styles of mansions, forts, temples and shrines.
When to visit Rajasthan
The best time to visit Rajasthan is during the post monsoon months. Although the weather conditions are extreme, the days are pleasant and the nights are bearably cold. The winters can be very cold though days are pretty warm. The best months for your travel to Rajasthan are during Mid October to Mid March. This is the time when Rajasthan comes alive with lively tourists exploring this mystical place in India. This is also the time when many fairs are held in Rajasthan, which are very lively and enjoyable.
The good weather in Rajasthan starts from the month of September itself. The heat becomes mildly pleasant and can be tolerated even during afternoons. Evenings are very pleasant and one can go shopping for hours together without getting tired. Early mornings are best for visiting wildlife sanctuaries. This is the time when you can spot wild animals the most. The palaces, museums and forts can be visited during the afternoons. Till the month of March, the weather is pretty good and heat again starts from April.
People of Rajasthan have spread across the country, and the world. They are still culturally bound to their roots. Most of them visit the temples of their family deity on all the occasions like marriage, jadula, etc. It is considered that worshipping in the ancestral temple will bless them with good luck, health and prosperity.
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